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anxiety, depression, and trauma throughout Florida. 

Success Coaching & Life Coaching

Life has challenges. Success Coaching can help.

Everyone can use some extra support when facing life’s challenges. Success Coaching and Consultation is different than therapy. In therapy, we focus on long-term ways to improve thoughts, moods, and behaviors.

How does Life Coaching or Success Coaching compare to Therapy or Counseling?

By contrast, Life Coaching and Success Coaching aim to improve motivation, confidence, and support the client while making important decisions, working on important projects, or persevering towards personal goals. 

As Michael Bader writes, “The biggest difference between coaching and therapy, in my view, is that the theory that guides my work as a therapist can explain how coaching does or does not work, while theories that guide coaches can’t do the same about therapy.” As a clinical psychologist, I am expertly equipped to understand human thought and behavior and how it can help us succeed, and sometimes, how it can hold us back.  

Get started with Life Coaching or Success Coaching

Want to get started with a Life Coach or Success Coach in Orlando? We offer Life Coaching and Success Coaching throughout Florida, Central Florida, and the Orlando Metro area through virtual appointments? If you’re ready to take charge and change your path, you can call, email, or schedule an appointment

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