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Provider Referral Match (v.01)

Finding specific referrals for patients can be a challenge, particularly when taking into consideration insurance, modality, treatment issues, and therapeutic needs. The aim of the provider referral match tool is to allow providers to quickly identify providers who have self-identified as specializing in specific populations, therapies, or disorders. 

Please note that providers are not vetted by Neurocove Behavioral Health, LLC in any way. You should always verify providers’ standing with their respective licensing board prior to making or accepting referrals. Similarly, this tool is currently in development and comes with no guarantees.  Finally, this tool is NOT for patient use, and protected patient information (PHI) should NOT be entered into this system. 

Please note at this time the referral list and join link are password protected as the Referral Match is still in development. If you are interested to join and need the password, please reach out to us.